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Best Ent Specialist in Ajmer

Dr. Vijay ENT Hospital is one of the biggest ENT hospital in private sector having near about 18,000 sq feet covered area with thirty bedded IPD, five well equipped OTs along with two bedded ICU/Facial trauma unit.

Dr. Vijay ENT Hospital is first ENT Hospital that to introduce android app for urban OPD patients.The App can be downloaded from the play store.Through this app the end user can get the following information.

  • Different departments and doctors available in the hospital.
  • OPD patient token distribution schedule.
  • Current real time status of OPD patients, as how many tokens have already been allocated, how many more are available for counter and telephonic booking.
  • Tokens got attended by the doctor, and the tokens waiting for consultation.
  • Besides this we are updating the app to include the feature of online payment of consultation and appointment booking.


To contribute to building a healthier community, nation and world by facilitating premier ENT healthcare that’s accessible to all.


To integrate cutting edge ENT medical care with courtesy, compassion and commitment towards every patient, every caregiver.


ENT Emergency services *Specialist consultations *Surgeries of Ear, Nose, Throat, Neck, Thyroid and Salivary Glands


Operation Theatre Complex *ICU *Postoperative Ward *X-RAY *Super Deluxe Room *Emergency Room

Founder's Message

We offer a blend of the finest medical and surgical skills delivered with compassion and a patient centric approach, within the reach of everyone.

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